Here are my files:


tell application "" to launch [AppleScript, saved as Application]

 do shell script "say starting script"

You have several options.

do shell script
You can use ‘do shell script’, using osascript, which is the command-line method to run an AppleScript:

do shell script "osascript /path/to/file.scpt"

That is cumbersome, though - AppleScript launching a shell, to run an AppleScript…

run script
You can run a script directly, but you need to provide a Mac-style path to the script, not a unix-style path:

run script "HD:path:to:file.scpt"

(you can use POSIX file to coerce a Unix path into a Mac path/alias)

load script
You can also load the script into memory and call it within your script. For example, this snippet will load a script from disk and then call the ‘handlerName()’ function within it (as opposed to the others that only call its run handler):

set myScript to load script “HD:path:to:file.scpt”
set scriptResult to myScript’s handlerName()