I want to create an iPhone shortcut where I fast and easy can input text into Notes. Every time I add text, the current time should be inserted before the text. The texts should be added to the same note as long as it’s the same date. If it’s a different date, it should be added to a new note. The notes should be named after the date they were created. Before adding the text, it should check if there’s a note with today’s date. If it exists, the text should be added to it. If it doesn’t exist, a note with today’s date should be created, and then the text should be added to it. I only get as far as either beeing able to ge a popup window where I can add my text and then it creates the note but it keeps adding new notes and not appening them.
Another scenario is when I get it to append text into a note but I have to choose between getting the timestamp or the text that I want to add.

This should do what you are looking for!